Friday, July 30, 2010

Sunday With the Roberts Family

Sunday night our sweet friends, the Roberts, were so kind to invite us over after church. We had a great time of fellowship, laughter, wonderful food, singing, and games.

Thank you so much, Roberts, for being godly examples of hospitality and love for the body of Christ! It's always such a blessing to be with your dear family.

Me, Sarah, Hannah, and Kristin

What's he doing?!

Enjoying a game of Seekio

A budding photographer

The picture's only missing a bow-tie. Sigh! :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Berry Picking

Monday morning, we all (excepting dad) paraded out to gather blueberries at a local farm. It was relaxing to be hidden amongst rows and rows of shaded berries- providing quiet to pray and enjoy our Creator's beautiful handiwork!

We ended up with around fifty pounds of berries and we've been spending time this week freezing, canning, and drying (and, of course, consuming them!).

So nice to have these tall guys who can get the yummiest berries!

The fruit of our labor

I am daily experiencing the Lord's wisdom in His design for the family and its function in sanctifying individuals. Hannah and I were talking today about how much sanctification we feel the Lord working in our lives through the struggles and blessings of being a sister. As a result of being fallen sinful humans, learning to love each other can be a moment by moment battle against the flesh. My younger siblings are a wonderful confrontation of my pride and selfishness; one which I'm not always appreciative of until after the fact.

We are also learning the vital importance and power of prayer! Being a sister can many times leave you in a, seemingly, frustrated and powerless position. It is in these moments that we are required to walk in obedience and faith; graciously loving and patiently praying with fervency.

Praise the Lord for His goodness and wisdom towards us! I am humbled to reflect on the grace He has shown me- and I am bewildered by the love He continually shows.

His mercy endureth forever!

Lake fun with the Darbyshires

Several weeks ago, our family went to the lake for a few days to rejuvenate and savor the warm weather. One of those days the Darbyshires graciously blessed us with their presence. We had so much fun with their dear family and were thankful that they went along with our last minute plans, (hmmm...that phrase seems to come up a lot with us Johnsons).

Hannah and Avie

Mr. Darbyshire put on an impressive presentation of slaloming

Esther and Avala were fun to watch; their expressions were hilarious!

And, of course, Josiah and Aaron refrained from screaming and showed us how tubing is done

Congratulations, Aaron: the tubing champion

Yes, she was as experienced as she appears to be

Andrew and Alan

Thanks, Darbyshires, for a fun day of fellowship!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Random Summer Memories

Here is a random assortment of pictures from this summer. There were so many memories made- but here's just a glimpse...

One of the highlights of this summer was having our Uncle Doug in town. At the beginning of the summer he had just concluded a job in California, and was making preparations to leave for a year overseas; so, of course, we tried to make many memories (which I plan to share later) and enjoy the summer together

Noah and Philip just love their Uncle Matt

"I'll help you wash the dishes, Aunt Stephie"

Reminiscing over old pictures

Deedra, Me and Hannah taking a break from cleaning

(many thanks to the faithful counter top- for making these memories possible)

One of the things we did this summer was help our grandparents move in with Aunt Kim and Uncle Ben.

A priceless family moment

Pops and Noah

One of Essie, Josiah, and David's summer projects: Acrophobia

Tuesday Nights

One of the highlights of each week is spending time with mom's side of the family. We enjoy a meal together and cover a new stream of topics each week- usually with a wonderful side dish of laughter!

Sweet father-daughter moment (Karissa and Uncle Ben)

Mema and Papa

Observing Eli's new wheels

...and the guys observing the engine

Making Salves
Heather took some time this summer to teach us how to make salves. We were so glad Sarah was able to join us!

EHE Graduation

The Easley Home Educator's Class of 2010
Congratulations, Carrie!

Robert Carter, with Creation Ministries, came and spoke to our church fellowship

And, as promised, Esther's ducks!

God bless, and goodnight!

Last Minute Picnic

We've been blessed with some wonderful fellowship this summer. One of these times being a gathering at the local baseball field with four families who are very special to us: the Fondry's, Looper's, Farrier's, and Franseen's. Here are some, very delayed, pictures from a fun evening together!..

Lyla Kate

Poor Mercy had fallen and scratched her nose; a moment in life she'll never be able to forget- thanks to her aunt Stephie

Mercy Rose

Elizabeth and Philip

Just love all the men in the background of this one...they're most likely discussing theology

Two godly leaders we're so thankful to have in our lives!

(My most sincere apologies Mr. Fondry for taking your picture- I simply couldn't resist :) *must be read in a cheesy british accent)

Philip was certainly well cared for :)

Philip, Carrie, and Noah

Annie Leigh

Uncle Matt's creative mind at work

Esther, Amy, and Christiana enjoying some time on the volleyball court

Faith and Philip

Thanks guys, for making time for fellowship!...even though it was extremely last minute :) We had a blast

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