Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Our Domesticated Boys!

After hearing jokes about our dinner last Friday night (granted, the pizza crust did turn out unusually large!), Hannah, mom and I decided to let the boys cook their own dinner Saturday night. The boys smiled and agreed to play along with our "wanting appreciation" game.

In the end we were impressed with the boys domestic skills. Their dinner turned out very well and it was fun to watch all the boys carry out their tasks with diligence. I have to say, though, that I was especially impressed with Matt's multi-tasking skills. He quietly juggled the tea and spaghetti sauce while all the chaos continued around him. Way to go, Matt!

The girls dinner: Fried tenderloins, salad and mashed potatoes.

The boys dinner: Spaghetti and vegetables

While cooking dinner, the boys continually thanked us for feeding them every night. We enjoyed the compliments! Thank you, boys!

Friday, November 21, 2008

A Lost Blessing

During a conversation we had with Misha a few weeks ago, he talked a little about his birth parents. He didn't know anything about them except that they were drug addicts and didn't want him. His remark about his birth mother was this: "When I born, my mom see me and she say: Oh Scary! Throw him away!"

As I listened and watched him in the hammock, I felt my heart sink to imagine the heartache he's faced throughout life. It's enough of a challenge to be born with disabilities, but to face rejection by the people who are most responsible for loving and guiding you throughout heartbreaking!

After making these remarks about his birth family, Misha began to tell us how much he loved his new family. He named each one of us and said in a gentle voice, "i love you", after each name. It was at this moment I realized where the true loss really stands: the person blinded by Misha's outer-shell. The choice that was made after his birth was a decision to give away a remarkable blessing; simply because he didn't meet the world's standard of "normal".

Because someone "threw" away a blessing fifteen years ago, our family is abundantly blessed today!

"And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness"

~Genesis 1:26

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time"

~Ecclesiastes 3:11

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Catching up...

After a week of not posting anything, it's time to do a little catching up!

Christie and Isaac came up for the weekend. Isaac had to go back for work Sunday evening, but Christie and the kids stayed with us until Wednesday afternoon. It's always such a blessing having them all here; this time was especially memorable!

I've tried to keep the pictures at a minimum... but keep in mind that it's my idea of mimimum!

Taking a walk with Misha. He's wanting to be outdoors more now: proof he's feeling better!

Misha's favorite thing to do right now is drive up and down the drive-way. Dad's so sweet to take care of the gears and everything, while Misha worries about staying out of the ditch!

Going for a walk...

Rosie's turn for some sweet tea.

Rosie was determined to walk Maggie. Even though Maggie was the actual one in charge of where they went, Rosie was thrilled to help us out!

Outside with coffee and a camera...does it get any better?!

William working so hard for one last drop!

The confusion on William's face makes me laugh!

Matt and Misha dreaming big...

in dad's car.

After a little while they found Christie's car. When they got inside Misha exclaimed, "Modern!"

then they got caught!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

John Piper: Don't Waste Your Vote

John Piper expresses the concerns of this election; as well as, encouraging us to focus on the sovereignty of God. Even amidst the confusion and chagrin over what may happen, the kings heart is in the Lord's hand.

I encourage you to watch this video; I found it a blessing!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Misha Gets Revenge

Misha's sense of humor has kept our family laughing since the day he arrived!
Yesterday, during one of the times he felt intense pain, he was holding his bear dressed in the surgeon clothes the hospital gave him. Between pains, Misha pointed at his bear and said, "Doctor, my operation!". He then proceeded to jokingly break the "doctor's" legs.

We got him to re-enact for the camera...

"My legs, you! Spanky, spanky!"

As you can see, he wasn't too happy at that moment with the doctor that performed his amputation! Misha, Misha!

Bloggy Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Becca for winning my giveaway in the Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival!

My newest brother, Misha, was kind enough to draw the winner of Hannah's handcrafted earrings.

Yea, Becca!

Thank you all for participating!

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