Sunday, May 2, 2010

Busyness and Blessings

This week was a blessed and full week for us Johnson's! Before the start of the week we celebrated my dear sister, Heather's, birthday. We worked on some sewing projects together, enjoyed some delicious cake (yes, A slight splurge!) and, as is typically the tradition, the celebration concluded with singing around an amazing bonfire by our guys.

Thank you so much, Heather dearest, for your example of charity and meekness! I've been so encouraged by your wonderful example and am thrilled to witness the fruit produced by our loving Saviour. Love you!

Nana and Mercy

Monday is "grocery day" in our household, so we ladies headed out the door early morning to start the business. To our joy, we met up with Christie and her little ones to spend the day in... chaotic fellowship and fun! :)

Because of our commitment to complete the Maker's Diet 40 Day Health Experience, meals have become a little more of an ordeal than they used to be! Tuesdays we spend most of the morning chopping veggies for chicken and beef soups. I had to stop this week to take a picture of all the pots. I think we're all ready for summer- no more soup!

The diet is going well thus far; we're officially half way through- and everyone is hanging in there. Hannah and I are learning some valuable lessons of joyfulness despite circumstances, (or despite how exhausted and grumpy you may feel in the morning!). Because most of the foods we can eat require time and preparation- our coffee intake has increased a little! But I have to say that it sure does make it worth the effort to watch your family eat well and their health improve.

It was such a delight to have Christie, Nina, Rosie, Willie, and baby Anna with us for a few days. Each day they were with us seemed full and blessed; in spite of the surprises along the way- like pink eye. Poor William didn't feel well and looked pitiful!

We worked in the garden most mornings and some afternoons. Christie and the girls were so sweet to help out!

The guys built this chicken pen last weekend, as a preparation for, yet another, exciting Johnson endeavor! They're hoping to begin raising meat chickens. We girls helped out by testing it Sunday night. Essie creatively convinced Nana and I to sleep outside under the stars, (don't worry- the chickens weren't in there with us!).

One afternoon during nap time, we girls went for a walk in our front "field" to spend some sister time gathering flowers. It was so beautiful outside, we couldn't resist the opportunity to take pictures!

I am so thankful for the Lord's blessing of such dear and wonderful sisters!

Christie and I love to practice by using each other as photography subjects!..

I loved these angles Hannah got! It's so much fun having a house full of photographers

Wednesday night our guys were so precious and let us girls have a night out. Of course it consisted of coffee and pictures...

While we were downtown, we ran into some dear and old friends of ours: The Lebo ladies. It was such a blessing to fellowship with each of them after so many years!

Anna didn't seem to mind that we spent quite some time "catching up"!

For traditions sake! I'm not sure how the tradition started- but we can't seem to be able to walk past a statue without posing. My sisters are so sweet to play along with my crazy ideas!

We thank and praise our Lord for His guidance and mercy in our lives! His mercy endureth forever!

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