Sunday, June 20, 2010

Farm Friends and Garden Greens

This weekend was full of excitement and busyness. Friday morning brought 101 little additions to our homestead...

The masterminds!

So angelic. You're raising me for meat?

Having some fun

Things are going well in our organic, 2 acre garden. We've been busy battling weeds, potato bugs (it's actually rather addicting searching for the little boogers and victoriously counting your "profits"). We're so excited about the fruit of our labor coming in and are thankful for the Lord's goodness in blessing us!

Thank you so much, Mr. Craig, for the tomato seedlings! They're doing great!

Now for the part of gardening that provides time for conversations...plenty of time! :)Friday night we canned 28 quarts of beans from our first picking...

We had Christie and Isaac (and their dear little ones) with us this weekend. It was busy and we made many memories together- memories which I'll have to share later in one of my famous catch up posts. :)

After our usual weekly journey to church and back (which took a little longer this afternoon- as the result of an unfinished car game...:) ), we had some time this evening to relax and enjoy our daddy-dearest (i.e. singing together, watching a movie, and discussing how we can improve our "car game" strategy).

But on a more serious note, I can't even begin to record the blessings and peace involved in being called the daughter of Philip Johnson! The Lord is so good and I'm thankful for His mercy towards the undeserving! Thank you, daddy-dearest, for the sacrificial life you've lead to serve your family. You are truly a hero!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Let me know that book!

"Jesus exhorts us to search the Scriptures [John 5.39]; that is, we are to ransack the Word of God, to pore over it, subject it to every kind of analysis, and grasp its every shade of meaning. We are to be obsessed with a desire to understand it. This passionate concern is never to become incidental or secondary. It should be a priority in the Christian life, an activity around which our existence revolves. If man cannot live by bread alone but by every word which proceeds out of the mouth of God, then God's Word must have an absolutely basic place in the whole of our Christian life. To its reading we must apply ourselves with the utmost industry.
The Lord Jesus Christ assures us that in the Scripture is eternal life. That is, it is the means through which God communicates eternal life. How can men believe in someone of whom they have not heard? They must know the Person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Scripture is essential to that faith in him by which they may live. Also the transformation of their personalities to be like the Lord Jesus can only be accomplished by a constant and conscious exposure to the Bible. 'Desire the sincere milk of the Word that ye may grow thereby', says Peter [1 Peter 2.2]. Eternal life, whether in the knowledge of Christ, conformity to Him, or growth in love, is not going to come without the searching of the Scriptures. We are all dying men and women in a dying world and there is one book alone in which eternal life is revealed. Let me know that book! "

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Memorial Day Picnic

Last Monday was a blessed and encouraging day spent at the precious Brown family's home. Christie and Isaac were courageous in making the four hour drive- and were gracious to let Hannah and I tag along! We drove down Sunday morning and sat in on the NCFIC Road Trip kickoff. It was wonderful to hear the speakers and get a taste of our upcoming conference in Atlanta.

Monday was a beautiful day of fellowship, food, music, and wonderful speakers. It was sobering to reflect on the lives lost for our freedom. We have so much to be thankful for! And it certainly hasn't come without a cost.

The start of the day...

There was quite a crowd. It was wonderful meeting and enjoying the fellowship of so many members of the body of Christ!

A few of the speakers:

The music:
The Smith family
The Kendall ladies

Gleaning wisdom from the wise:
The wisdom Hannah and I were instructed to carry home: "don't compromise! Wait for the right one"
Fellowship and Fun:

Prentiss and Anna

Anna admiring her big brother's rescuer, Dr. Kendall

We went for dinner with our dear friends, the Kendall's, and had a sweet time of fellowship!
Davina looks a little suspicious :)
Between dinner and dessert, we took the kiddos to a park to burn some energy. We ladies enjoyed each others company while Isaac played a combination of volleyball, baseball, and soccer with the girls and William. Quite entertaining!

I can just hear little William saying it now in his adorable accent...Anna Bell!

To conclude a wonderful day, we went for ice cream with Phillip and Katie Bradrick. Hannah and I enjoyed listening to Christie and Katie discuss babies and motherhood preparations. So exciting!

Thank you Phillip for the picture; and thank you both for the encouraging fellowship!

Isaac's incentive for having us packed and in the car by 6am- Starbucks! He knew it required extreme measures :)

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