Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Lunch Date

Monday morning, my thirteen-year-old brother, David, told me he wanted to take me out for lunch that day. He then proceeded to explain all that we could do on our date, and he insisted that he was going to pay for everything! When I tried to argue that it wasn't necessary that he pay, he looked at me with disappointed eyes and said, "but if you don't let me pay, then it won't be like a real date. I'm the guy and I should pay for everything!"
Of course, I couldn't argue any further. I liked his mentality and didn't want to "un-train" his reasoning by my stubborness.

We decided on Dacusville's very own, Laura's Family Restaurant...

Before our meal...

after our meal!
(David's learning why our family believes in courtship :))

David waiting for his (free!) Oreo milkshake

It's amazing the way the Lord blesses us each day with a reminder that he has not forgotten about us!

I have been blessed with three wonderful brothers; and their initiative to help protect and care for their sisters has been a wondrous experience.

Thank you: Matt, David, and Josiah, for your smiles and love each day! (And thank you, David, for the wonderful date!)

Monday, June 9, 2008

An Eventful Weekend...and lots of pictures!

The boys spent Thursday helping papa with yardwork,

and the girls spent Thursday getting their nails done!

Chris and Leah's big day...

Thank you, Beth, for all your help! You're amazing!!

So angelic

Little Annie and Emma

Congratulations Chris and Leah Marley! (and thank you, Sarah, for the picture)

We have to somehow remember our $17 nails

Just being our attractive selves!

Hannah's apple after 8 hours in the car

Chilling after the wedding...

Sarah cooperating..

Sarah not cooperating!

We kinda took over their tables

Making up for lost meals

Sarah bored...

Hannah bored!

Who needs words to describe a long day?

Family time at Mema's

Similarities between fathers and sons...

This is a picture of dad when he was Josiah's age. The resemblance is amazing!

Cousin Spence under attack!

Bundle of joy! :)

We're so glad to have uncle Doug visiting this week !

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