Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Busy Month of Pictures

Since the month of June was so busy, I wasn't able to do much blogging. In fact, I don't know that I did any blogging!
So, here are some of the events from the month of June that I've been meaning to post...

Graduation Celebration

The three graduates from our church: Hannah, Bethany, and Kristin. We celebrated their completion of formal schooling with a church picnic...

Kara (Heather's sister-in-law), Hannah (my younger sister), Heather (my older sister), and Christie (my oldest sister)

Heather, Christie, and Myself

It's always a good idea to keep a SWAT on duty

Playing Speed Volleyball

The graduates

Our Weekend at the Lake

For a few weeks my family had enthusiastically planned a weekend camping trip for June. We prepared everything for camping. We were all looking forward to evening campfires, roasting marshmallows, sleeping under the stars (well, if you could consider sleeping in a tent "under the stars"). Needless to say, we were excited. But in all the excitement we forgot one important detail: reserving a campsite. To make a long story short, we resorted to staying in my grandparent's lake house not far from the water. Even though there were a lot of setbacks, it turned out to be a weekend of memories and fun!

Starting the morning with a yummy breakfast

First setback of the day: the pontoon boat wouldn't start.

While dad and Matt were working to get the boat started, Hannah accidentally dropped my lens cap in the water. They worked hard to find it, but in the end dad retrieved it and was rewarded with French toast.

Finally on our way! We only had one more major setback... after driving out pretty far to a secluded waterfall, the boat decided it had had enough and wouldn't crank. The engine was stubborn just long enough to give us all a scare that we would be stranded in our little cove; praise the Lord it started back after a while!

Esther enjoying the water





Matt doing a 360

Matt's big wipeout

The conclusion of our day!

Celebrating Birthdays

While we were all together, we celebrated Mema's, Christie's, Davina's, and William's birthdays.

Hannah's masterpiece
Davina and our dear Mema Hamilton
I'm officially known as "Daht daht", by this little boy. How he got that from Stephanie, I'm not sure; but I love to hear him say it!

Our Garden
After spending countless hours working in the garden, we're very proud of the fruit of our labor!...

My brother, Matt, is extremely talented with woodworking. He and my dad built this arbor for the garden.

Trip to Kentucky

One of the weekends in June, I was able to go on a trip to Kentucky with some of my dear friends for their family reunion. I tagged along as the Photographer, and enjoyed every minute of the fellowship with my childhood friends: Sarah and Leah.

Praise God for a blessed month!

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